Daydream Believer

My seven year old daughter, tears streaming down her cheeks, related to me how she was taunted at school today.  The reason being, that she believes in mermaids, fairies and other magical creatures. This list includes Santa, the Easter Bunny and Unicorns to name a few.  

My first concern, I must admit, was not for the well being of my own child, but for the children that teased her.  To be seven years old and no longer believe in magic?  This saddened me more than the broken look in my child’s eyes.

Magic is what makes the world go round.   Magic is what makes two people fall in love. Magic is present in a baby’s first cry as it enters the world. Magic is the muse of poets, musicians and artists.  Magic is what heals the sick and what changes the seasons.  

Of course magic, like Santa himself, goes by many names.  Among them are Faith, Hope, Trust, and Belief.  To not reinforce these basic principals in your child is tragic.  Why are we as a nation so eager to have our children grow up?  The world is a cruel enough place without denying our children fields of the imagination to play in.  


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