The R word

Rejection has proven to be the most revolting word in my vocabulary.  That is swiftly followed by the word ignored.  That is because those are the only two responses that I have encountered on my literary quest.  I was not completely naive when I embarked on this voyage.  I knew it would not be smooth sailing, and I fully expected for my ship to be tossed about before finding a safe harbor.  (Do forgive me.  I am a writer.  Therefore I speak in metaphors.  It’s a habit I do not wish to break.)

But, like anyone at sea, I had hoped to make new discoveries along the way.  For what is an adventure if you return in the exact same condition that you left in?

I fully expected reactions, whether they be good, bad or flat out insulting.  I suppose the true insults lay in the form letters that politely pushed me out the door.  I just envisioned constructive criticism.  Silence instead took it’s place.  

The reason being that the field is flooded with newbie authors like myself, each with the exact same dream as my own.  Bombarded by emails, drowning in queries, it’s no wonder half of my letters are flat out ignored.  What I wonder though, is if there is honestly no time to read the submissions, then why keep the office open to queries in the first place?  It’s questions like this that remain unanswered, because there is no communication other than an automated response at the end of a six to eight week grace period.


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