Time Warp

I’ve been dreading today.  I tried to avoid it at all costs, but it came anyway.  I suppose that’s the trouble with time.  We are helpless to stop it.  

Last night in my travels I bumped into Insomnia.  The two of us sat down and had a drink together and discussed my options.  She agreed that it was inevitable.  There was no way to avoid what lay ahead, so best if I meet the villain head on, rather than dodge my fear.  

Facing reality, I went to bed and prepared for what awaited the next day. I awoke to confusion as my alarm clock roused me from my slightly hungover slumber.  

Getting out of bed was odd.  I didn’t feel any different.  I wondered if I ventured into the bathroom and looked in the mirror if I would look any different.

Taking a breath I faced the reflective glass and winced slightly.  I looked tired, and I probably should have washed the mascara off before I went to bed, because I had the look of a strung out drag queen, but even this was not that much different from my usual morning reflection.  

Maybe it didn’t happen.  Maybe I had stopped time.  Maybe I could remain as I was, yesterday, forever.

I had hope.  A glimmer of beautiful hope.

And then my husband walked in, big smile on his face, planted a rough kiss on my cheek and voiced the horrible words of, “Happy birthday, babe.”


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