When it rains… it POURS!

I have been querying my novel for seven months now.  In that time, I received one request to read the full manuscript and about fifty rejections.  Despite my hope, and prayers, the manuscript was rejected by the editor that had requested it.  

I felt broken.  Truly broken.  Couldn’t get out of bed kind of broken.  

My husband urged me to start querying an old manuscript I had written five years ago.  Still feeling the effects of the last rejection, I refused.  The work just wasn’t good enough, and if the novel that I had wrung out my very soul for couldn’t get a request, how could that juvenile attempt at writing get anywhere? He pushed again, saying “two are better than one.”  On a whim, I took his advice and pitched the book.  

I got a full request on my first pitch.  I. WAS. STUNNED.

I polished up the manuscript as best as I could and sent it on it’s way.  Feeling slightly more confidant, I started sending out a few more query letters to see if this book would have any more luck.  While I waited, I also entered a pitch contest on Twitter called #Pitmad.  I pitched both manuscripts.  I got three requests, all for the second book.  That’s when I realized that there is a time and place for every story.  The story that I loved, and held close to my heart just held no place in today’s market… mostly because the market is flooded.

Embracing my “winning streak”, I entered a few more pitch contests, and was requested three more times!  Surprise, Surprise… my original novel even got a FULL request.  

I received a couple of rejection letters this week, but they were easier to swallow considering all the good that I have been surrounded by lately.  So I am counting my blessings, enjoying this happy time, and rereading every word of the partial that was requested today, before I hit the send button.  


6 thoughts on “When it rains… it POURS!

  1. jessiedevine says:

    NEVER let rejection shoot you down. I know it sucks, but you will make it if you keep going. ❤

  2. Your story inspires me, having been through rejection a lot of times myself….I hope it pours one day….and good luck with all your projects!

    • Thank you so much! I am touched by your words. It will happen for you. The rejection is part of the journey, it will make the joyful day when the work is accepted all the sweeter! This is my writing mantra: “NEVER GIVE UP!”

  3. nikolavukoja says:

    What a great story! — thanks for sharing — my way of dealing with the seeming endless re-writes and rejections is to treat it like an apprenticeship! Eventually I’m sure I’m get my papers 🙂

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