Third Eye Awakened

I’ve always felt rather intuitive.  I either fall in love hard and fast with something, or it never grabs my attention. Like most people, I can get a sense of someone when I first meet them.  Very few people or things truly surprise me anymore, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s because I’ve seen them coming all along.  

As I type this I assume that the majority of people who read this won’t  be able to truly understand or empathize with what I’m talking about.  My own husband even doubts me, but I figured I might as well start documenting the recent events that I remember so as not to forget and add to the collection the hundreds that have happened in the past & were never filed away.

I’ll start with the most recent:

Last night, while reading a book, I looked up and KNEW that my father-in-law who at that moment was overhead in a plane headed to Italy would arrive without his luggage.  The thought came, I pondered it for a moment, then went back to my novel.  This morning, My mother-in-law called me from Florence to say that they had arrived safely, but that her husband’s luggage was lost.  

On Tuesday, I sat at my laptop after dropping my daughter off, and just felt this extremely positive energy wrapping around me.  I KNEW I would be receiving a great email before the day was over.  I also knew it would have to do with my writing.  My 3:00, the email arrived, from someone I had not even queried.  In fact I had never spoken to this person before.  Yet, I was able to smile & trust the events that were unfolding.

Do I sound crazy, yet?

How about this one:  A few months ago I had a dream of Broadway actors assembling in a church before they went on stage.  The church was not the typical romanesque or gothic setting.  It appeared more like a city building.  The doors were clear, the altar was white.  Two weeks go, My cousin took me to a restaurant in NYC.  While walking there I stopped and stared at the building to my right.  It looked EXACTLY like the one from my dream.  I looked up and saw a comedy and tragedy image flying on a flag.  It was a chapel for actor’s.  It was the chapel I had dreamt of.   I had never seen it before in my life.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed. (I would love a chapel for writers…)  This is not the first time that I dreamt of a place I had never been and then stumbled upon it, in fact, it happens all the time.  A few months ago, I even had the same dream as my daughter on the same night!

Explain that one, because I can’t.


2 thoughts on “Third Eye Awakened

  1. I’m in AWE… that’s lucky for you because you can sense things before they happen! My mum has that kind of ESP too, she once had a flashing dream that I got a wound on my knee back in junior high and several months later, it happened! (I still have a scare on that knee till date). And she still has flashing dreams (or visions?) once in a while that come true.
    What can I say- lucky you!

    • I think it has always happened to me, I’m just embracing it now. The more I welcome it, the more I am aware of the signs around me. I see it as a gift, one that I am only beginning to discover. I am very thankful for the small glimpses that I have been given.

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