Rapunzel should have stayed in the tower.

I just read on my friend’s FB page that while she was at the doctor’s office she saw two girls who were very pregnant.  One was fifteen.  The other was twelve.  TWELVE.

What has happened to our society that such behavior has become the norm?  Since when did reality shows set the bar at which we determine all the important decisions of our lives?  And where, where are the parents in all of this?

I speak as a parent of a little girl, and let me tell you the older she gets, the harder it is.  My biggest concerns used to be if she ate on schedule, or if she got enough sleep.  Now I deal with new fears, bigger fears.  Strangers, bullying, drugs and sex.  Not to mention the normal, did she eat right today, how did she do on her test, is she reading more than she’s gaming and how to burn manners into her brain.

Kids today are evolving faster than they should.  They know more than we did at their age, and have access to far greater technologies.  They can search the web and stumble upon information in seconds that would have taken us hours at the library.  This means they can also stumble upon inappropriate material as well.  It is all to easy for evil to masquerade as innocent via the web.  How do I know that when my child is playing Club Penguin that she is in fact talking to another seven year old girl and not a fifty-seven year old man? How do I know that when I drop her off at a party or a play date that she is truly safe.  SAFE. A four letter word that we all take for granted.

Perhaps the witch had it right, and Rapunzel should have stayed in the tower. Not that I condone abducting babies, but at least in the tower she was protected.  Isn’t that what we want for our children above all else? Protection.

I send my daughter into the real world everyday armed with a backpack and the talks that we have had nestled in her brain.  I send her wrapped in my prayers and my love, and at the end of the day, I hope that I have done all that I can.


One thought on “Rapunzel should have stayed in the tower.

  1. I can relate to this. I have two little girls and can only imagine what challenges await as they get older and more independent. It’s a scary world.

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