Sugar & Spice

So last night I finished the DRAFT of my novella and handed it over to my husband to read. He was the first pair of eyes to see it. While he gave me wonderful compliments and told me that my writing has vastly improved over the years, he also said something that I wasn’t prepared for. He said that I should be writing erotica. Here’s why:

My novella deals with a character that is very primal, narcissistic, and only concerned with the pleasures of the flesh. She was created to be the polar opposite of the very virtuous woman that is at the center of the story. They are a type of yin and yang if you will… so you will understand that whenever the spicy character is around, my writing became very uninhibited because I had to see the world through her eyes.

My love scenes had always been very sweet, and tender. This was savage. And if I may admit… FUN to write…

So perhaps he is right, and she has unleashed a side of my writing that I didn’t even know I was capable of.. Time will tell.


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