Self Publishing: Curse or Cure?

Perhaps, I’ve given up.  Or, perhaps I’ve realized my options.  Either way, I am seriously considering going down the road of self publishing.

There is a nasty stigma that is associated with this move.  It is associated with failure.  Having not been able to lure in a respectable agent with my natural talent and dynamic sense of writing style, I am considering the “easy way out.”  Rest assured, this decision is anything but easy.  

In order to be as professional as possible, I must first hand my manuscript over to an editor who will cost me more than I planned on spending.  (That’s the luxury of being picked up by an agent and being sold to a publishing house, not only do they pay you an advance, but they also provide the editor free of charge.)

So the book is edited.  Now what?

You need an artist to design the cover.  (Thank God that not only am I an Art major, but I am married to an Artist as well…) Cover in the works… check!

Marketing: You need a website to establish a fan following so you have a platform to stand on.  (Did I mention my husband is in web development?) Website in the works… check!

Now everything is done.  Book is downloaded, and the money pours in… oh, if only that were true.  Now becomes the truly grueling task of self promotion.  Not only do self published books have to be offered at a significantly lower cost than traditional published books, but they also sink or swim based not only on the author’s writing, but on the amount of buzz that the book obtains.  Self promoting your book becomes a full time job.  Who ever knew that the writing would be the easy part?

So, my hat is off to the self published author.  Those pioneers leading the charge that have taken the literary world by storm in a hope to obtain the acknowledgement that they deserve.  Some just want to know that their goal of writing a book and making it available to readers has been accomplished.  Some dream bigger.  Whatever your reason, be proud.  You have set forth on a journey that most can never imagine.  God has given you a talent, and a book that is not published can never be shared.  It’s time to share your talent with the universe and see what the future has in store for you.

Good luck to us all.


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